Version 0.021!

oh wow, this update took way longer then expected! Sorry about that!

There's been lots of changes, as usual. This time around most of them are "under the hood" sort of stuff that makes the game easier
to understand and just smoother in general.

Lets go through what's new though

  • Added corpse in-air controls. This is one of those things that I've wanted to add for a long time, but I've never been able to make it feel right. It's easy to go and add controls, but to still make the corpses feel... dead was what was holding this feature back. 
  • Created a new reset system for Race levels so the 'Reset to start'  function puts the player at the previous checkpoint placed throughout the levels. Holy cow this was a needed feature! If a player where to "turtle" on a race track they just couldn't get anywhere. Just had to wait the race out. That's just a horrible design flaw that I finally got around to fix.
  • Created a new Challenge Level - Plink Plonk. The need for new challenge levels that work for single player AND multiplayer is pretty huge right now, with the migration of levels from Challenge to Campaign there just aren't enough single player Challenge tracks. I will probably need to rethink the entire category system some time in the future. But for now I'll just try and create fun levels that work for single player.
  • Creating a new Race Level - Reverser. Speaking of single player, here's a multiplayer exclusive that only became a real track because a friend who did some testing for me pointed out that if reworked, it would be a great race level!
  • Created a custom cursor. Since the game has controller support, I feel like it should then also work as a couch game. Soooo.. nice cursor that you can see from far away? Check!
  • Corpse velocity is now stopped on reset. Know that bug that I left in because I thought it was funny that most people seamed to hate? It's fixed now, no more going flying when resetting. I've learned my lesson.
  • Fixed bug where Ski Jump Pins randomly wouldn't spawn. It was a pretty basic error in syncing scripts. Now pins will always spawn. PS, try building a wall with them, it's a legit strategy to block people :D
  • Fixed bug that caused the camera to some times twitch. The camera should be a lot smoother now. there was a bug that caused the camera to refresh its check on parent position way too often. It can still happen, mostly on the Ski Jump level. Still trying to figure out what causes those twitches.
  • Fixed the win/lose screen tooltips bug. This was later made completely redundant as I completely changed to use the same menu system as Campaign mode uses at the end of levels.
  • Implementing a new race position system. Race systems are simply too complicated for me to code atm. I'm still learning so this is one of those codes that I simply had to buy. The old one was pretty terrible and very unreliable. You could even go back and forth over the finishline - as long as you hadn't gone over it completely once - and tick through all the laps. Nothing really worked as intended. So I did my research, talked to peeps and found the best set of scripts to get. Totally worth it, now everything is butter smooth and works perfectly!
  • Revamped 'corpse in box' detection. In earlier versions I used ray casting, for some reason it didn't project properly and check in the opposite direction. You would be detected as inside the box when it was laying on top of you. Very strange stuff. That's all fixed now, so no more odd detections there.
  • Revamping the camera and tool tip system. When I set up the camera system I basically didn't know what I was doing. I'm pretty much learning as I go with this project. So now I've completely revamped it all, it's now fully automated. Everything rescales and repositions itself depending on the amount of players that are active. 
  • Slightly adjusted the box's size to better fit the corpses. This will probably go under everyone's radar. It's a veeery small increase (about 5-10%) in size. There was some odd moments where the player's size just wouldn't fit right, causing limbs to get cough a bit in edges. With the new size the corpses just fit a bit nicer.
  • Lastly. Clouds! There are now transparent clouds here and there, it just adds that extra bit of feeling to the world. It's currently mostly in the Hub world and Main menu for now.

The future:
I'm going to spend most of my time trying to figure out a way to give this game an Online Multiplayer feature.
It's something that I feel that this game really needs. It's a select few who has people around to play local-multiplayer games with and catering to almost only them feels pretty silly.
Sadly though, Implementing Online Multiplayer will more than likely require a bit of funding to pay server charges if I can't find a solid free alternative.
If I can't, this project will probably end up being switched from "Pay what you want" to "Buy to play".
I want to be clear though, I am at an extremely early point in this, nothing is even decided yet.
So understand that this might not even happen.


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Jul 13, 2017
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Jul 13, 2017
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Jul 13, 2017

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