Version 0.025 and info on online multiplayer

Lets start with what's new in version 0.025 and then I'll explain why I decided to not continue working on online multiplayer.

What's changed

  • Fix the bug on Toilet ring that causes the finish to not trigger. There was a very small oversight in the lap script that caused it all to collapse on this level. It's all fixed now and everything works as intended again.
  • Fix the twitchy camera bug. This bug has been "fixed" multiple times before, but with how I can't recreate it on any of the computers I have available it has been hell to try and fix. Finally I figured out a fix to it so after testing it on a ton of computers and different' OSs it's finally gone! \o/
  • Improved camera while in box. Minor adjustments to how the camera aligns to the box to make more stable and nicer for the player.
  • Decrease the timer on all Challenge levels based on player feedback. After going through a ton of lets plays and having Corpse Box Racers at Sweden Game Conference the feedback as been pretty one sided on the amount of time you spend on each Challenge level. So I went ahead and adjusted all the Challenge levels according to the feedback that each level has gotten.
  • Adjusted the size of the hoops on Basketball. The Basketball level seems to be pretty "love it or hate it", mostly because it's too hard for new people to get into. So the one pointers are now a bit larger to compensate for this. Hopefully it's more enjoyable now :)
  • Fixed bug causing the animated signs to become white on graphical presets that use VSync. Just a very odd bug in how the shader I used for the animations worked. Switched them all to another one that looks exactly the same, so if you haven't played on the highest graphical settings there will be no difference.
  • Lowered the number of resets available on Timeless. Again, minor adjustments based on player's feedback to make the experience smoother for people.

Online Multiplayer

Canceling the work I've done on the online multiplayer version of Corpse Box Racers was hard, I've spent over 4 months working on it so this... sucks.
It all comes down to one thing, the ragdolls.
If you look at any game that has both online multiplayer and ragdolls, you'll see that they don't actually sync them between players.
That's because it's too network heavy, there are too many bones that have to be tracked for it to look good.
To give an example, here's a test build where I have two clients running on the same computer where all the body parts are well over the maximum amount of data that should be sent in an online multiplayer game:

There are of course solutions to make this smoother, but keep in mind, this is still only with two players.
If I wanted four players, the game would require all the players to be playing over LAN. Even then, it would still be a twitchy buggy looking experience.

What's up next

There are a lot of things I want to change and add on to in Corpse Box Racers, but for the time being, I'm going to prioritize other more experimental projects that I want to work on to study more complex C# and musical usage.
I will probably not fully drop Corpse Box Racers though, the updates will just be pretty far in between.


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Nov 05, 2017
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Nov 05, 2017
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Nov 05, 2017
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Nov 05, 2017

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