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What if, when people die, they do go to heaven... only they're still dead and their bodies are now used as competitors in challenges?

This game is early in its development.
I'm developing this on my own with the exception of the music
which is created by limEreP and Chill Robinson.

Dev Log
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Got feedback on the game?
Post it in the discussion board below and I'll happily look into it.

The game currently supports Keyboard(s) and Xbox 360 Controllers

  • Can be played with multiple keyboards
  • For controller support on OSX and Linux, remapping of the buttons in the launcher is currently necessary (This is being worked on)

What I'm working on for Version 0.021:
- Revamping the camera and tool tip system (Done)
- Created a new reset system for Race levels so the 'Reset to start' function puts the player at the previous checkpoint placed throughout the levels(Done)
- Fixed the win/lose screen tooltips bug(Done)
- Added corpse in-air controls(Done)
- Revamped 'corpse in box' detection (Done)
- Increased the box size by 5%(Done)
- Increased friction in the hub world(Done)
- Fixed bug where Ski Jump Pins randomly wouldn't spawn(Done)
- Fixed bug that caused the camera to some times twitch(Done)
- Creating more Challenge levels(In progress)

Update Log:

Version 0.020 (07-06-2017)
- Added a Pin system for SkiJump
- Adjusted the camera to follow the character slightly faster 
- Based on player feedback, exclusively in Single Player I've moved Surfer, Spiral and Wallride, TakeTheTube and U-Turn to the Campaign mode and removed MiniGolf. All these tracks are still available as Challenge tracks for Multiplayer.
- Challenged levels now have Best Score shown over their titles
- Created a menu that appears after finishing a Campaign level
- Created 11 Campaign levels 
- Expand the Single Player Hub World
- Fixed Pause Menu bug on the Mini Golf Challenge level
- Fixed Player2 reset bug
- Improved the ragdoll physics
- Improved the trampoline on Bouncer Level
- Refined levels to better show the player's speed
- Remodeled U-Turn to better fit the game
- Revamped Spiral for Campaign

Version 0.019 (27-05-2017)
- Added a restart function to the pause menu
- Added best times above the level names of the Campaign levels
- Created a new font that fits better for the overall look of the game
- Fixed the timer so it starts after the countdown is finished
- Fixed so the box's rotation is reset when spawning back into the box
   on the straight levels
- Fixed bug causing music to reset when going from Main Menu to Select Level
- Created 4 new Campaign levels.


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Corpse Box Racers_v0.020_OSX.zip 49 MB

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