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What if, when people die, they do go to heaven... only they're still dead and their bodies are now used as competitors in odd challenges?

This version of Corpse Box Racers is the prototype. The full version is being worked on and will be released on Steam some time in the future.
For more updates, join the Discord.

Corpse Box Racers is mainly a local-multiplayer party game.
But there's also a very short single-player campaign.

I'm developing this on my own with the exception of the music,
which is created by limEreP and Chill Robinson.

Soundtrack is available on Soundcloud.

Got feedback on the game?
Post it in the discussion board below and I'll read it as soon as possible.

The game currently supports Keyboard(s) and Xbox 360 Controllers

  • Can be played with multiple keyboards
  • For controller support on OSX and Linux, remapping of the buttons in the launcher is currently necessary

Update Log:

New in version 0.025(05-11-2017)

  • Fix the bug on Toilet ring that causes the finish to not trigger
  • Fix the twitchy camera bug
  • Improved camera while in box
  • Decrease the timer on all Challenge levels based on player feedback
  • Adjusted the size of the hoops on Basketball
  • Fixed bug causing the animated signs to become white on graphical presets that use VSync
  • Lowered the number of resets available on Timeless

Update to version 0.024(25-09-2017)

  • Fixed build error that caused the animated signs to be white instead of dark gray
  • slight improvements to the twitchy camera bug


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Corpse Box Racers_v0.025_OSX_Universal.zip 49 MB
Corpse Box Racers_v0.025_Linux_Universal.zip 53 MB

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