Version 0.024 is now live!

This update is quite the quality of life improvement.
It focuses mainly on making the game more user friendly but also fixing quite a big amount of bugs or overlooked things.
But as usual, lets go through what's new.

New in version 0.024 (30-08-2017)

  • Reduced twitchy camera movement when player corpses are out of the box
        This is a bug that has been in the game since day one. It's been extremely hard to debug since I've yet been
        able to recreate it to find out why this happens. I just this week figured out what segment of the camera system
        was causing it and now it should in theory not happen anymore.
  • Revamped the win screen system for faster and easier development
        This is yet another optimization that won't even feel different for you guys. This change is mainly to change
        from having a multi-scene system to a single-scene system that reduces duplication of systems and objects to
        make developing new win-scenes faster.
  • Fixed bug on Race levels causing laps to be skipped when resetting
        This was brought to my attention by ShadowPlayz on Youtube. Essentially, if you went through the
        finish line and hit the reset button you would be place back behind the finish line and skip all the checkpoints
        and be able to fully skip an entire lap.
  • Revamped box's rotation on reset based on community feedback
        Vfbmax triggered this change in the Community Section. When resetting back into the box, its rotation is now based on where
        your camera is looking. This should solve the issue where the player goes driving of in the direction not intended.
  • Improved box in-air controls
        This is a small fix to how the game calculates if your corpse is in the box or not to along with if you're in the air or not.
        I've been debugging this quite heavily and there should now be a lot easier to throw the corpse forward out
        of the box in Challenge levels.
  • New Application icon for the game
        The icon on OSX has been very bugged out for some time now, it's something I've had a big amount of problems
        figuring out why it happens. It appears to be a problem with how OSX calculates icon scale.
        From what I've been able to test,  it should work fine now with the new icon.
  • Fixed bug where the camera some times would not recenter correctly when standing still
        I noticed a couple of weeks ago, that in some cases of resetting during high velocity the camera's tracking point
        would not reset its rotation properly, causing the camera to tilt or at times even look at the player from obscure angles.
  • Created a "throw the corpse" animation  to help indicate what to do on some of the Challenge levels
        I've noticed a lot of players that use controllers don't "throw" their corpses on Challenge levels where it's a
        necessary motion to go through to get better distance. So this addition is to help mend that problem.
  • Fixed the trampoline's animation on Bouncer
        I noticed that the trampoline animation on Bouncer was not centered correctly, making corpses get
        stuck at the far end of it and some times even gliding through and falling to the bottom of it.
        That should now be fully fixed, I also made the trampoline slightly larger to allow for a wider difference in speeds when approaching it.
  • Rebuilt RockyRoad to be a Race level
        RockyRoad has been one of the levels that I've felt very off about, I've liked the basic concept, but it just didn't work good enough.
        I took a couple of days off to redesign it based on the feedback I've accumulated over time and I think can
        finally say that I'm 100% happy with this level. Now it feels like I originally wanted it to.
        Too bad I didn't get this patch out before PewDiePie played the game though.


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