Version 0.020 is.... alive?

This one is huge!
I have pretty much revamped everything and made the Campaign mode into a proper start at what I want it to be when it's done.

So lets dig a bit deeper.

- Added a Pin system for SkiJump. This system is basically so that you will now visually see your best, but the pins can also be used to block other players. SkiJump now also has way finer lines at the end, so now you wont just give up if a player got one point higher then your best.

- Adjusted the camera to follow the character slightly faster. I've noticed a lot of players want the ability to control the camera. This is not a replacement for that, I will create that feature down the road. But I do want to make it a more smooth ride until we're there. 

- Based on player feedback, exclusively in Single Player I've moved Surfer, Spiral and Wallride, TakeTheTube and U-Turn to the Campaign mode and removed MiniGolf. All these tracks are still available as Challenge tracks for Multiplayer. OK this is a big one, I initially intended this game to be exclusively a local-multiplayer party game. This was a bad move, with a lot of negative feedback from players who play on their own. It could be solved... ish, with bots or online multiplayer. Both of them are huge things to do and with me just being... me. I had to find an alternative that was more feasible and this is the result of that. I do want to note that I want to look into online multiplayer down the road, it would be cool I just don't know if it would even work with so much ragdoll action and lag.

- Challenged levels now have Best Score shown over their titles. Basic feature that was very needed, not much to say here.

- Created a menu that appears after finishing a Campaign level. This was something I really didn't like about the first set of Campaign levels, I did a pretty horrible quick version where you just teleported automatically to the next level. It confused players and just didn't work. So getting this in (still not fully finished, I want to add more control methods!) was a huge priority with this update. Now it finally feels good!

- Created 11 Campaign levels. I have no idea how I managed to do it, but I did it! A lot of late nights for this update, that's for sure.

- Expand the Single Player Hub World, threw in some plants as well! It's starting to feel so cozy!

- Fixed Pause Menu bug on the Mini Golf Challenge level. Seeing lets players where someone gets stuck on a level is scary, especially when it's a game breaking bug. Sorry to everyone who got stuck! the pause menu now works! I promise!

- Fixed Player2 reset bug. There was basically a problem with the setup for jumping back to the box, exclusive for player 2. All fixed now!

- Improved the ragdoll physics. If you've had a limb getting stuck in something and getting pulled from your corpse, this should now never happen! There is a tiny bit more jittering that can happen when in the box, but the corpses should be a lot more stable now.

- Improved the trampoline on Bouncer Level. This is one of those things I just had to sit down and study one day. But now the trampoline actually bounces your corpse into the air! no more flat thuds without air. 

- Refined levels to better show the player's speed. Lots of small details like checker patterns along the sides of the roads. General things like that to help the player see how fast they are going.

- Remodeled U-Turn to better fit the game. This track was originally one of the first tracks I did, so it just didn't fit into the style the game now has. Now it's all modernized and pretty.

- Revamped Spiral for Campaign. It was, and I think you'll see with where it is in Campaign mode, too easy before.


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Jun 07, 2017
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Jun 07, 2017
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Jun 07, 2017
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Jun 07, 2017

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