Version 0.017 is now live!

Ok, first of all.
Have you guys seen the Lets Play videos of Corpse Box Racers?!
They're so cool, you guys are so cool.
Thank you for all the feedback and laughs!

OK! To the update!
Version 0.017 is mostly a "patch" to move around a problem that was happening when playing multiplayer with controllers.
I don't like uploading a new version with so few changes, but because of how heavy this input bug effects the game
and how rooted it is in the Unity, I decided to do a quick fix and continue on.

It's really frustrating,  I don't want to leave the throttle and reverse on the bumpers instead of the triggers.
But as we all know, the single player experience is severely lacking and making it better is more important right now.
I do have a planned out idea for single player that I really think would help make the game more fun.
So if it's cool with you cats, we'll just roughen it up and hold back on our trigger fingers for now.

New in version 0.017
- Small refinements to the Hub World
- Changed the throttle/reverse controls to bumpers instead of triggers until I've built a new input controller
- Hidden the cursor while in the game window (Thank you Lets Players for pointing that out!)


Corpse Box 34 MB
May 20, 2017
Corpse Box 47 MB
May 20, 2017
Corpse Box 34 MB
May 20, 2017

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HOLY CRAP!!! Jacksepticeye played your game!

Hey also one of my favorite youtubers has played this game!

P.S really weird

I had completely missed that video!
Thanks for the heads up! :D

No problem :)