Version 0.016 now Live!

Tons of little tiny things have been added to this version.
The main new things though are:
- The game now has music!
- New Losing Scenes
- New Endless mode: Timeless
- Make Endless more user friendly
- Make Basketball more approachable
- Multi platform xbox 360 controller support (will get revamped in for future versions)
- Replay Track function on winning/loosing scenes
- Fix icon on OSX


Corpse Box (34 MB)
9 days ago
Corpse Box (47 MB)
9 days ago
Corpse Box (47 MB)
9 days ago

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Love this game so much!

I hope it gets greenlite soon :)

Glad you like it!
It might be some more time before I feel it has enough content and features to
be ready for Steam GreenLight though (If it's still a thing at that point).

If nothing, I have no intentions of leaving :)