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A chill and challenging puzzle game · By KabisCube


Recent updates

Project on hold
Hey peeps! With the super low interest in this project I've decided to put my focus elsewhere. We'll see in the future, maybe I'll come back to this project. B...
Update 0.9c
Update 0.9c is up! Just a heads up, this will likely be the last update before ETAON goes into version 1.0, and the last update while it's still free to play. B...
3 files
Android build Quick Fix
Quick Fix for the Android build. Bugs Fixed new bug that caused the Hold feature to not work as intended on android builds...
1 file
v0.9! PC Ports and a side dish of Bug Fixes \o/
Special thank you to the peeps that got in early and helped me find bugs. It's always a hard process on solo projects, so I really appreciate your efforts in he...
3 files
Hi everyone! Lets clear up some initial confusion about ETAON \o/ Q: I don't like etaon, can't you make more corpse box levels A: I got no plans for it, the cod...

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