v0.9! PC Ports and a side dish of Bug Fixes \o/

Special thank you to the peeps that got in early and helped me find bugs. It's always a hard process on solo projects, so I really appreciate your efforts in helping me make this game better for everyone!


So, huge news first! Windows and Linux ports are done! and way sooner than I originally planned! \o/ OS X is up next, but I don't have access to an OS X machine until mid september. But as soon as I have and can verify that it's all working, you'll be the first to hear about it.


Bug Fixes

  • <Community Found> Fixed bug that allowed players to infinitely hold blocks if using the "press to hold" feature
  • <Community Found> Fixed bug that caused players to have to press twice some times while trying to Hold a block
  • Fixed inconsistencies in block in-air states


  • Major overhaul of the menus so they scale nicely on computer monitors as well as phones
  • Menu text got some polish, buttons now fade into the block colors

Thanks you 

Jasmine, iBruks and the Anons for the bug reports, couldn't do it without you!


ETAON_v0.9a_Android.apk 16 MB
Aug 16, 2019
ETAON_v0.9a_Win.zip 19 MB
Aug 16, 2019
ETAON_v0.9a_Linux.zip 20 MB
Aug 16, 2019


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