Hi everyone!

Lets clear up some initial confusion about ETAON \o/

Q: I don't like etaon, can't you make more corpse box levels
A: I got no plans for it, the code is so bad. If I go back to it one day, I would want to start from scratch. So the odds aren't super high ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Q: Is it free?
A: yup! For now at least. Until it's at version 1.0 it's going to stay free to play.

Q: Who's on the team?
A: It's just me, Kabi. I tend to do these side projects solo. Maybe one day there will be a team effort, who knows :)

Q: Why is there no sound track?
A: There will be one, just not sure who will do that part yet, since I'm not that great at it :P

Q: Can I install it on my iPhone?
A: Sadly no, I don't own any modern Apple devices, so I can't really work with that platform atm. Maybe one day though.

Q: Can you port it to windows?
A: It's in the feature list so subscribe and you'll get a notification as soon as I post about it :)

Got any other questions? them below! \o/


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